18 déc. 2014 - General assessment of the program

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The LIFE + program Forests for Capercaillie ended December 31, 2013.
During four years of implementation, more than twenty actions were carried out on the Vosges to work on improving ...

20 févr. 2014 - A sylvicultural guide for Capercaillie

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How to reconcile preservation of capercaillie and management of forests in the Vosges Mountains? This is the central element of sylvicultural guide entitled “Forests for Capercaillie: sylvicultural ...

29 nov. 2013 - Forest and Capercaillie interpreted by schoolchildren from Vosges Mountains!

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Under the LIFE + program, the Parc Naturel regional des Ballons des Vosges
has worked with schools in around the theme of Forests for Capercaillie.

Indeed, the problems related to capercaillie ...

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